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How to Do the Sit Dip Latin Dance Move

Learn how to do the sit dip with this Latin dance video from Howcast.


Ashley: Hey this is Ashley and Henry, right now we're going to teach you how to do the sit dip. You can use this in a variety of different styles; salsa, zuke, club dance, anything you want to use it in. So we're going to show you the technique for it.

Henry: Yep. Let me demonstrate the move first, and then we'll break it down. So, pretty simple just the technique is, this. So this is how the move goes. Let me show you at a different angle so you can see. This, so let's break it down for you guys. So, for the guy's part, the leader's part, right? The main thing is when you do this move you have to be sort of staggered. So literally our legs are going to be, the right leg is going to connect to the right leg, but you are not like clenching to each other like this. All you are doing is keeping your right side of the body, and you want to aim with your left hand to put her left side of her body into your right side. So you are in this angular position rather than being too square, because otherwise it's going to be a little too hard.

Ashley: Think female right chest to guy's.

Henry: Yea. So we're looking from our right side, diagonal. So, here guys the cool thing about this is you're going to have your own space and she has her own space over there, right? That kind of relationship, you have your own space kind of thing. Very important. So, from here what we do is we grab the lady, or the follower, and you twist to your left. But before going down the main thing is you want to twist.

The more you twist the easier it's going to be to go down. You don't want to think about going down and trying to twist, you're going to twist, and then you sit. All we're doing for the leader's part is your knee goes in with the right, goes in with the right. So it's basically this, my right heel is going to go off the floor so it gives you balance to see where you are.

Don't keep the right heel down or it's going to be way too hard, and the place of the furthest follower. When we're here, we leave one heal, most likely it's going to be the right for me.

Ashley: And I'm lifting up through the left.

Henry: Yes. And that helps you to get that balance.

Ashley: So, guys you're creating basically a little chair for us to sit on.

Henry: Yes. A little knee chair. Demonstrating this other angle so you can see. Let's pretend we're dancing, and then I my partner and twist. And together this is enough, all you do is just come up, and continue dancing. Whichever style you are doing. Should we try with music?

Ashley: Yea let's do it!
Henry: Okay. So we're dancing right, pretend we're a little side by side, and then we go, so you can be sharp or you can be smooth.

Ashley: And this is great to use at the end of a song, song's coming to the end and you know, okay let me impress the lady and do something fun. Guys just grab her, and. There you can sit. So that's our sit dip, and remember you can use it in any style; salsa, zuke, cha-cha, hip-hop, whatever you want.

Henry: Yes. So, never forget that one, that's a basic technique for your sit dip.

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