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How to Do an Advanced Zouk Dance Dip

Learn how to do an advanced zouk dip with this Latin dance video from Howcast.


Henri: Hi, guys. It's Henry and Ashle, and we're going to show you an advanced Zouk Dip. Okay. So let's demonstrate for you first. So it goes like this. You do a little basic step. Dun, chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, one, chick, chick, five, chick, chick, one, chick, chick, five. So it's basically a left turn or a simple turn that we taught you before, but we're going to add the movement to it. First let me explain to you the movement in Zouk. As opposed to other dances, when we do Zouk when we lift our arm it means that you're going to tilt to one side. Yes? So you're completing the line of the shoulder. If only we lift the other arm, then it makes it fall to the other side. So [?] Zouk becomes a real three-dimensional dance. Yeah. And that's the beautiful part of it. So [?] is when, like we did before, we do waves and we do sways. Right? It's all about the upper body. Same thing here. So when you do the basic step, since you already know the left turn, the simple turn in the Zouk, when you bring the lady in you're going to lift this left arm and then right there you're going to feel that connection of the body. Yes? From here, guys, you're going to complete the turn. And then from here you're gong to hold the lady and send them back, and go back to your basic step. Okay. So the idea is that you can lean more and more as comfortable as you are with your partner. It all depends on the communication.

Ashle: Yeah. And it's very important the communication, ladies, that you don't just slam into your partner, but allow him to lead you through that. I'm connecting with my hip, and I let my body go back out.

Henri: Yes. So guys, what's going to happen is once you bring the lady in, one, here you're going to stop. You don't want to keep stepping, because this is the moment that they're going to start feeling, "Oh, wait. I'm rolling." See ladies? You're foot stays there, and then the guy's going to send you forward to go back to the basic step.Yeah. Let's do it a little bit deeper so you can how low can you get. Right. So you go one, chick, chick, five, chick, chick, one, five, chick, chick, one. So it's all about the connection of your bodies. Or we can do it small. One, chick, chick, two, chick, chick, one, chick, chick, two chick, chick, one.

Ashle: You can practice it small, and when you're working with somebody that you trust then you can really go into the deep. We call it an advanced dip because it's a lot of trust. It's a lot of connection.

Henri: Exactly.

Ashle: We'll show you with music.

Henri: Yeah. So starting slow as always. And we zouk, chick, chick, chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, dun, chick, chick, one, five, chick, chick, one, five, chick, chick, one, five, chick, chick, one, five, chick, chick. And that was your advanced Zouk Dip. Connection.

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