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How to Connect with Your Partner's Body

Learn how to connect with your partner's body in Latin dance with this Howcast video.


Ashle: Hey, guys, it's Ashle and Henry. Right now we're going to talk a little bit about something that's basically a fundamental of partnering. We're just going to talk about how to connect with your partner's body.

Henri: Super-important. So what we're going to talk about guys is basically, this is just to any music, any style of music, you always have to go back to these basics. Right? The main thing is you want to think about when you dance with somebody, it's a conversation. We're talking about our bodies. It's called the body language. Yeah? So when you connect with your partner, for instance we're doing a close hold, the main thing is that you want to feel with your fingers her body, with your forearms, with every part of your arm. Basically the skin is what connects to the partner. And also you want to be acknowledging your partner. Yeah? Maybe we're so close, maybe we're here, but even though we're still connected to them. Yeah? So when you connect to them it's about talking to them through your body. Yeah? The connection through the skin, the connection through your bones. You picture always connecting with your partner. If you want to take them out for a walk, all you do is just take them with them. You don't want to use muscles. You don't want to be pushing them around, because it becomes harder. So it's about having a light conversation. Yes?

Ashle: It's always 50/50. Lots of times it's great to think about connecting through your belly button. Right? So if you feel your partner pull away, you pull away a little bit. If you feel him give, you give a little bit. And he takes you with, you don't fall on top, but you still hold your own but you follow with. And that's communicating through eyes, through skin, and like Henri said, through breath, basically. And if you can master that concept and just take a second with your partner and really pay attention to each others' bodies, your partnering in general is going to improve.

Henri: Yes. And part of this, guys, is right now we're having this hold, but you can do any hold. You can turn the lady, and then you can connect with them here. Yes? So it's about, you can go also do this position. You can just walk and take them around for fun. Yes? It's about improvising, and about always being aware of your partner constantly. Yes? No matter whichever style you're doing.

Ashle: So basically that's it. When you're partnering for the next time, just take a second with your partner, whoever it is. And just find out, are you having a conversation? Are you really communicating? And just pay attention to each others' body and realize that the partnering's going to get a lot easier.

Henri: And that's what we do for our connection.

Ashle: Body connection.

Henri: Body connection.

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