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How to Do the Bicep Technique Dance Move

Learn how to do the bicep technique Latin dance move with this Howcast dance video.


Henri: Hi, guys. This is Henri, and this is Ashle, and we're going to show a little bit of the bicep technique, how to do it and apply it and what it is. Right? So let me demonstrate for you. Basically, it's a type of frame that you can use to make the lady's body move. It's a little bit of a dominant but really strong lead for the ladies, in a respectful way of course. So what happens is you wrap your arm around the lady. And then the most important thing is your bicep, your left bicep. So let me show you how it goes. Right? Basically, we're going a slow step. It usually goes with the slow dances. Yes. You can make the lady's body wave by connecting with your bicep. So you always have them in control. Now let's break it down for you. All you do is, again you don't want to dance square. You don't want to be dancing this way. It's really hard this way. It actually is not possible. It's impossible. There's no way we can do this. Right? We need to always be slightly diagonal. So in this case, we always step the right leg in between the lady's right feet. And the same thing with the ladies. Ladies, always step between the guy's feet when it's close dancing. Now what you do guys is you bring your palm upward. So you do it this way, and you bring your elbow close to your body. That way it's going to get your bicep. That way, ladies, you're going to feel how the guy's slowly holding you in this really different position, and you connect. You get the connection. Yeah? So this prevents the ladies from going forward on top of you. Right? So they're just all the way. And if they do, you connect this and then, and go back.

Ashely: Push them away.

Henri: Yes? Push them away. So this is important for the going forward. For the going back, then you have the forearm and your elbow and your hand. And that one is where you create. It's like you're playing the instrument. Imagine you're playing like a harp, a guitar, some kind of flow instrument. So the that you do with your right arm, the ladies will follow it, but always keeping this arm strong, the left arm. If you let it go, they won't be able to feel it, because it's nothing. Right?

Ashely: Yeah. And this technique helps, because it shortens the girl's arm. So now she's compact, and you have more control over what you want her to do.

Henri: Exactly.

Ashely: But as soon as you let that go and you're no longer showing that bicep, now I can go wherever I want, and you've lost control.

Henri: So to go back what we've learned before in the previous videos, you can do a wave in this move. You also can do a sway. But also we can do the washing machine that we talked about before. Right? Or also we can add body waves. Yes? And the body wave, literally, all you do is you move your arm in and out, like a snake. You start with the thumb, all the way to the pinky and repeat, like you're giving the ladies a massage. Yes? Which they will thank you for. And. And, yes. Always keeping that left arm strong so you can lead them in anything you want. And that's you're bicep technique.

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