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How to Do Framing Variations in Latin Dance

Learn how to do framing variations in Latin dance with this Howcast dance video.


Henry: Hi guys, this is Henry and Ashley, and we are here to talk to you about the different versions of what a frame looks like. Okay, so what's we're going to show you is how, depending on the connection given by your partner, then you adapt to it. In this case the guys in the leader role will dictate the type of friend, depends on the. This is what we call a close friend, yeah? Just to be close. Then there's embraced friend, who is really close. There's also the double hand holds friend, yes?

Anna: Open.

Henry: Open. Or you can also have the shoulder to shoulder connection. So we can switch from one to the other. And the idea is that while we do, the leader has the mission of making sure that every transition is smooth. So the follower just adapts to it, okay? Part of the way to connect and feel the connections of the friends is this give and give, yeah? It's almost like you are against a wall and what happens is you connect to it. And the more connections that one gives the other has to give as well. So there you're always counterbalancing each other. If you go away from each other, same thing yes? So if you're grabbing, you can push or you can pull away. And that way you can connect. And this can be a strong friend or it can be a light friend where we seeing our own feet. So it depends on the style.

Anna: It depends on the communication. It's just like any type of conversation, if one person's yelling, you're going to start yelling. If one person's soft spoken, you're going to speak a little bit softer.

Henry: It's so important what Ashley said, you have to adapt to each partner because each conversation's going to be different. Okay? So let's go over the variations again. We have the regular close, like in we use this a lot. Slight close, you connect more through the legs. You have the embrace as well where you're really hugging them more. It's like the right side of your head is connected to the lady's right side. And you can do movements, yes. We also can do the close hold embrace or double, it's more of a hugging position. From here we can slide to the open, yes. Now like in Salsa, in salsa we do one, two, three we can do this kind of close hold but still the space. We can also do the open which would be a double hand hold. And you can do, we also can do that. In dance we also have right to right or left to left, and you can do all kind of things as long as you transition from one hold to the other hold to the other hold.

Anna: And for the girls, to show you from the back, when you're here in a hold you have the option of placing your hand here, on the guy, can also open your hand out if you don't like him that much. You can dance and keep your hands a little bit more elegant, and this is a little more intimate, a little closer. Kind of pull him into you. Yes. See you have options, sometimes you don't think that we can have variation in our arms but you're still styling as well, you don't have to hold on for life.

Henry: And that's our...

Anna: Framing variations.

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