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How to Lead Your Partner into a Turn in Latin Dance

Learn how to lead your partner into a turn in Latin dance with this Howcast dance video.


Henri Velandia: Hi guys. This is Henri and Ashley. And we gonna show you how to lead your girl in a turn, the basic technique of it. Okay? So, what the main thing you wanna think about you leading a lady in a turn is the hand positions and the trajectory of your hand around her head, in this case. Yeah? So let's show you this. I'll show you with the right hand, actually.

So here, usually we have this. I call this the beer hold or like a cup hold. Yeah, you holding your drink. And what this is, before you turn the lady you want to switch it to your watch. And you're gonna look at your watch every time. So every time you turn the lady, you switch your palm, palm to palm, you're looking at your watch. From there when you turn the lady you want to always think about doing a halo around her head. A little circle around her head. So instead of doing soup, a big soup, you wanna do cup of tea. Cup of tea, yes, small. Yes? Small turn.

Depends on the dance, you will change that. Okay. For instance, if we doing a little Pachanga. One, two, three, four. Now, the turn, I switch palm to palm. I turn her. I go back to the basic step. Or we're doing Salsa. One, two, three, four. Same thing.

Now, the next part of the turn is the trajectory. If you're dancing side by side or dancing forward and backwards or if you're just going across the line. So it's important that your circle has to accomplish that pathway. Okay?

So I'm in this case, for instance, I want Ashley to go backwards, so I need to turn my hand back with her going back. Yeah? I cannot use turn and expect her to go back if my hand is not going with them. So sometimes that you turning them you have to move more to the right or to the left. If we go sideways, for instance, I'm turning her to the, her right, her left in this case. Sorry, left. I Yeah. I wanna go with her so I can turn her. So my hand is always, always above the lady's head. Yeah?

For instance, we're doing Zouk. Dun, chick, chick, dun. Now, I want her to turn, I go back with her as well. Yes? So it's important, guys, that your hand is always switching. Yeah? It cannot be stiff. Have to go from palm to palm, to back to the beer, to back to the glass. And ladies, always thinking about what the guy's doing and don't try to it for him. Because as soon as you try to do it, like that. We gonna stand up in this position like this it's not . . .

Ashley Dawson: And the guy's fingers all wrapped up in there and you're stuck here.

Henri: Yeah, and we go like this. So we end up like that. So, guys, remember. Every time you lead a turn, switch your hand before you turn the lady, okay, in any turn, switching the hand. And feeling the trajectory of the turn. If it's going backwards, forwards, to the left, to the right, in a diagonal. Always keeping up with it above the lady's head. Yeah?

And that's how you do a turn for a lady. That's how you lead it.

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