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How to Follow a Turn in Latin Dance

Learn how to follow a turn in Latin dance with this Howcast dance video.


Hey I'm Ashley and this is Henry. Right now in this series we're going to show you how to follow a turn for the ladies. Basically, lots of times things can go wrong in the turns, right? It's so fearful. You're going into your basic and all of a sudden the guy's hand goes up and you go, oh no, he wants me to turn. What am I going to do?

First off as Henry explained in the male video which would be really useful for you to watch, you're going to go palm to palm. Now, you have to listen to where he's communicating because I need to pay attention to where he wants to lead me. As he leads me around I'm just gonna follow that. Now watch what's happening with my elbow up here and if I don't control my arm now he's liable if he keeps pulling me this is what's gonna happen and I'm gonna whip around.

You want to make sure, imagine that if you had this other hand here you keep your elbow down and you keep it flat. Right? If it comes around it's gonna go right around your head and your elbow comes back down, then you also don't run the risk of bringing your nose and elbow too close. As you're going into, let's say, a Salsa basic and going into the turn he's gonna start to lead me. I'm gonna feel that turn coming up, around, I'm keeping my elbow down, and I'm following it.

Now you also want to take your time. Sometimes we tend to get a little too excited and we want to go really quick. Now you're gonna be off timing. You also could end up running into him as well. So just take your time. It's relaxed. You feel the turn you say, okay I'm gonna complete my step and then I'm gonna find it again. Don't get scared while you're in the turn. Just relax. Find the palm connection palm to palm and follow it around and just find him again on the other side.

Henry could lead me around in a variation of turns and as long as I'm looking for that same connection and I'm paying attention, I'm always going to be okay. I keep my elbows down and relaxed. I could follow just about any turn. Now the second you start lifting the elbows up and start fighting it that's exactly what's gonna happen. I'm sure some of you have encountered that before. So remember, relax the body down. Keep the elbows down and just communicate. Keep your hand flat and then look back. Eye contact, spot him and just stay relaxed. Now, ladies, that's your job in the turn.

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