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How to Do Sexy Upper Body Isolations in Reggaeton

Learn how to do sexy upper body isolations in reggaeton with this Howcast Latin dance video.


- Henri:Hi. This is Henri and Ashlé, and we're going to show you some sexy upper body movement in our reggaeton series.

- Ashlé:We'll so you first, and then we'll break it down. Starting with the chest we're going to move front, back, and around, and a front, back, and around. Good. So, let's just break down what's happening there.

First, we take the chest. I want you to think, if you put your hand here, and you coughed or you breathe out heavy, you feel an isolation. You feel your muscles contract really quick and tight. I hope you're trying it at home. So, you'll feel that. I want you to think of pulling your chest out from that same place, going [exhales].

You're going to pull your arms back, just to accentuate your chest moving forward. You're going to go forward, we're going to sit back into it. Sit back, now we're going to ride it all the way around. Chest out to the right all the way, and then we're going to repeat it. Forward and back, and all the way around.

So, let's turn around, and just follow along with us. We're going to move out and we go out and back, and all the way around, and out and back, and all the way around.

So, let's just try that to some music and that's your isolation. Make sure that it doesn't get sloppy, but that you really hit, hit, and ride it all the way.

And five, six, seven, eight.

So, there you have upper body isolations in reggaeton.

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