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How to Do Sexy Lower Body Isolations in Reggaeton

Learn how to do sexy lower body isolations in reggaeton with this Howcast Latin dance video.


Ashley: Hey this is Ashley and Henry and we're going to show you some lower body isolations in Reggaeton.

Henry: Yes so we're going to demonstrate first and we're going to have two different movements and then we'll do it [??].

Ashley: So we'll start with the going back and we go ba, ba, ba-da-da, and ba, ba, ba-da-da and then we're going to go front.

Henry: We go forward. Forward, back, and forward. Forward, back, and forward.

Ashley: Great, so let's break that down. When moving to the back, you're gonna press your hips to the back, first. Back. Then you're going to slide them forward. Forward. And you're gonna push all the way back and around. Back. Then you're gonna push back again. Back. Forward. And all the way back. Now this could look really awkward if you don't relax into your knees and you don't bend your knees and let your body move with it. So you want to make sure that you relax and you think of sliding and sliding and relax and slide and front and slide it back. Henry's going to show you the forward version.

Henry: The forward version, guys, we do this, basically it's the same idea, we go the same directions but we go forward first. Forward. We go back. Pushing the hips forward, now all the way to the other side until you go back. And repeat. And forward, and back, go to the right all the way to the left. [??] we move our arms. So the arms is just this motion, right, we're going, when we're going back we send the arms forward and when we go back we send our arms back. It sounds like you're rowing.

Ashley: It's sexy.

Henry: Now obviously you can do that with any, you can do, you know it anyway you want, because that creates the coordination of the body, yeah?

Ashley: Yeah. So we're showing you movement you could use for Reggaeton but not just the dirtier side, not just the grinding, but actual movement that you could do if you want to go out and dance in a club.

Henry: And again, you can do these things big or small, you can do super tiny so it's like more cool, or you can do, like, super big. So you choose, it depends on the music, and your partner of course.

Ashley: Yeah. And it's a good choice to use your arms, because if not you kind of just end up...

Henry: Yeah, we don't want to do this.

Ashley: No one is going to come and dance with you, so...

Henry: You're going to scare them away, yes, so the arms helping the coordination of the movement.

Ashley: So let's show you with the music both versions. And moving to the back, 6, 7, and, back, front, back and up, back, front, and a back, back, front, all the way, back, front, back

Henry: Now we go forward, right? 5, 6, 7, and, forward, back, and around, and back, one more time. And, nice! [??] through the back.

Ashley: 5, 6, 7, and a back, and front, back, back, and front

Henry: Now we go forward. Forward, back.

Ashley: Forward, and forward, back, and forward.

Henry: And that's your Reggaeton sexy lower body movements.

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