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How to Get Low in Reggaeton

Learn how to get low in reggaeton with this Howcast Latin dance video.


Ashley: Hey. What's up? It's Ashley and Henry. We're going to show you how to get low in Raggaeton. Basically what we're going to be following is a single-single-double timing, but we're going to get down to the ground.

So this is just the basic idea of it. We're going to move with the legs. And single, single, double, double, single, single, double, double. Okay. So that's the demonstration. Now let's break down exactly what's happening here. Not only is it fun, and it's something you can use in a club, but it's also a great workout for your legs. You're leaning in. Without doing anything with the body or the arms, you're going to drop down, bend the knees. You're going to fold the right knee into the left. One and one. Then you're going to double it up two times and then repeat. One and one and double, double. Now the body can move with this here. So especially as the female, I can get as sexy as I want and move through it. One and two. I can use my hands. One and two. I can use my bum. And for Henry, the styling's going to be slightly different.

Henry: Yeah. When you guys do it, you just, it's all about kind of the attitude, the upper body. You do the knee, but you don't have to do much of the booty part of it. Just think about the knees going in, in, and you keep your cool on the top, like if you had a blazer.

Ashley: And if you're doing this next to each other, well of course then you're doing this part. Girls, you can play with the booty.

Henry: Yes. And you can just watch if you want to.

Ashley: So let's just try that to some music. Here we go. Five, six, seven, and one, two, three, and four, five, six, add some styling. One, two, three, and four, five, six, seven, eight. Good. So here we just showed the basic way to get low in reggaeton.

Henry: There you go.

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