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How to Do Easy Body Waves in Reggaeton

Learn how to do easy body waves in reggaeton with this Howcast Latin dance video.


Alright guys this is Henry and Ashley and we're here to show you some basic body waves in the reggaeton series. So we'll demonstrate for you first and then we'll break it down. So I'm going to start with facing diagonal and when you start with a body wave you start from the chest to your sternum to your hips. And you go back and one, and two, and three and we're going to go to the other side so we start chest, ribs, hips Go chest ribs hips go back out again go to the other side. Great and then I'm going to show you another version that you can do as the female but the male can also do it starting from the top of the head you're actually going to go down you can also think of the shoulder coming over and pushing so you're going to go down and now for the guys follow along with Henry for the girls were going to take it all the way down pop the booty out and roll up right because you want it to be as sexy as possible as we go down you start with the head and the shoulder you could even look back at the guy and you move up.

Yea. You may be scared to feel sexy at first but allow your back to arch and the more you press down in through your stomach the more your butt will come out and the sexier it will be. Yes, for the guys the most important part is really the torso and the upper body and then you let the hips go but you'll have to accentuate so much of the hips like the females, right? Good enough to that. The chest, the attitude and the chest. And then the hips, you have to learn to move otherwise its going to look funny. Yes, or else you'll get stuck. So we're going to try that with some music. We're going to do that to one side and we'll go to the other side. We'll do it first with smooth version and then we'll do the really good version afterwards. So there you have some basic body waves in reggaeton.

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