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How to Latin Dance with Ashlé Dawson & Henri Velandia

Learn about Ashlé Dawson and Henri Velandia, two of Howcast's Latin dance experts, in this video.


Ashleé:Hey, I'm Ashlé Dawson. I'm a professional dancer as well as a choreographer. I live here in New York City, but I've traveled all over the world for my career. And I'm standing here with...

Henri:My name is Henri Velandia. I'm actually from Venezuela and also a professional dancer, mostly into partner dancing. While also trained in other forms of dance, like contemporary, Latin, jazz, and modern. We're here together because we would love to show you a lot of beautiful things in partner dancing. We're working together, so . . .

Ashlé:The reason we've come together, for this series is that, not only do we do partnering dancing, but we're bringing in a commercial essence to dance. My backgrounds come from a lot of television work. I've been on "So You Think You Can Dance", a lot a different shows.

So, we're taking that element of the street side of the Latin world and we're bringing it to the commercial world, which created the Latin fusion series, as well as Latin moves for the club. We've teamed up because of our mutual love for both worlds and that created Henri and Ashlé. Here we are to share it with you.

Henri:Yes. One of the things that we incorporate in this series, which is really important to us, is the zouk part of it. While I've been teaching in New York City, I learned Zouk. That's a Brazilian dance, comes from Lambada. When I met Ashlé and we started doing that, she goes, "Oh, my God. That's so what Latin teaching is about." That's why it's a beautiful element in everything we're going to be showing you in this series.

The Lambada is lot of special movement, a lot of spine movement. It's something brand new you can dance to any hip hop, any contemporary music nowadays.

Ashlé:Yeah. And the Latin fusion, basically, lot of people are like, "What makes it Latin fusion? What makes it different?" Well, the way we do it, what we put together, and the fact that it is original because of the way that everything's blended. You'll see that in this series. You can find both of us, you can follow us on Facebook, on Twitter. Ashlé Dawson and ...

Henri:Henri Velandia Offical on Facebook.

Ashlé:My website is

Henri:And you can find me on Henri with an "I". H-E-N-R-I, V-E-L-A-N-D-I-A.

Ashlé:And look out for Breaking Conformity Productions, Latin Fusion, and Hotsalsahot. Those are our companies.

Henri:Well, you can find us everywhere.


Henri:So, now that you know a little bit more about us, and our crazy, complete backgrounds of dance, we are so excited to present to you our series of Latin dance and Latin fusion, Zouk, ballroom dancing ...

Ashlé:Everything. And here we are going to introduce you to our world and teach you what we know.

Henri:Yes. So, check it out.

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