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How to Hit a Tennis Ball with Topspin

Let tennis pros Joe Perez and Kirk Moritz teach you how to hit a tennis ball with topspin in this Howcast video.


Joe: Top spin in tennis. Top spin today in tennis is what tennis is all about. Everybody on the tour, everybody that learns to play the game learns how to hit top spin. Top spin is hitting the ball and creating a rotation toward your opponent in a circular way so when it lands the spin makes the ball bounce violently at your opponent and it also makes it bounce very high, which makes it more difficult to hit back.

Top spin is generated on the forehand, for instance, if I were a right handed player I would turn to my right. I want to get below the ball and rush up. The faster I rush the faster the top spin, the more violent that ball is going to bounce, so you will see a lot of very good players, a lot of pros, swinging so fast and the top spin is so great that sometimes it is even described as the ball goes over the net looking like an egg from the centrifugal force, boom! And that top spin explodes on your opponent's side. You can hit top spin on the backhand, most pros do. Top spin is the number one spin in tennis, do you agree?

Kirk: I agree. Now the question I have for you Joe is, when you hit this aggressive swing, should you be squeezing the racquet as tight as you can?

Joe: No. Just like in baseball you want to hold the bat loose because the only way you are going to get great acceleration on a tennis racquet and create that spin is to hold the racquet really loose. You also have to make sure the face of the racquet is closed. If I swung really fast and had my face open and this is closed, I want that face closed in order to get the brush. I cannot brush if I do not have the face closed. Does that make sense? That is the basics of top spin in tennis.

Kirk: Can you do it on the serve as well?

Joe: Oh yes, you can do top spin serve by brushing up on the ball. When you toss the ball, the toss might be a little bit over your head rather than in front of you so you can create a motion that goes like that, so I am brushing above my head and I am brushing the ball, like that. I often tell people it is like you are fluffing up the ball with the strings of your racquet as you brush up. And that's the basics of the top spin.

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