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Tennis Drills for Serve & Volley

Let tennis pros Joe Perez and Kirk Moritz teach you tennis drills for serve and volley in this Howcast video.


Serving and volley drills. These days serving and volleying has actually become a bit of a dying art in singles. You see it, but you don't see it constantly. The one place you see serving and volleying constantly is doubles play.

So good drills to do for serving and volleying in doubles would involve the player hitting a serve. Perhaps the pro returning with two different types of return on obviously two different points. If he returns a low ball to the player who's only around to serve his line anyhow because he stops when the ball is returned. Low ball, the player volleys back cross court. High ball the player is able to go right up the line towards the net player.

Yes. And the drills, in any drill you do, serving volley drill, ground stroke drill, it's about rote. It's about teaching your body to react instantly to a particular situation. And what Kirk just described is this drill is a drill often used in doubles because you want to train your student, or you want to train yourself, to react a low body cross court, a high volley down the line when you come in after your serve.

So you do that over and over and over again until you don't even think about where you're going to hit the ball. Your body just does it. And that's why when a pro does drills with his student they have 350 balls in a cart. And they just keep feeding it and feeding it and feeding it until you get it without even thinking. The reason why the low ball goes back across court is if you hit the low ball up to the net player you could get killed. If you get the ball up here you can kill. So you want to be offensive high and defensive low.

That's a basic serve and volley drill.

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