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How to Play Tennis with Joe Perez & Kirk Moritz

Learn about Joe Perez and Kirk Moritz, two of Howcast's tennis experts, in this Howcast video.


Joe Perez: Hi. My name is Joe Perez.

Kirk Moritz: And my name is Kirk Moritz.

Joe: We're the directors of tennis at the CityView Racket Club here in New York City. I'm a fanatic about the game. I love to teach, I love to teach seven year olds and seventy year olds. If I see a smile on their face light up when they've learned how to hit a particular shot in tennis, my day is made.

Kirk: And just like Joe I grew up playing tennis. I had opportunity to play college tennis and be part of a nice turnaround for the college that Joe and I both played at at different times. And had the benefit of teaching tennis for the State Department in Africa. And competing.

But teaching has become a really satisfying part of my life. I enjoy teaching, I think, now as much as I enjoy playing. So Joe and I are fortunate enough now to be at the CityView Racket Club which is about as nice a facility as we could hope to work at. We're not just a tennis club. We have squash courts, we have a workout facility, we have a lovely lounge area upstairs. So it's really encompasses a lot here. It's a real social setting for a lot of our members. So lucky to be here. And I think most of our members here are really enjoying the club.

Joe: And we do Junior programs, private lessons for our members. We do corporate events. We do birthdays and bar mitzvahs for our members. Our club is a real full-service club for all our members and we hope you check us out.

Kirk: If you'd like any information about CityView Racket you can go to our website, And all kinds of information about the club are available for you there.

Joe: Kirk and I both hope that you've enjoyed this series of videos. And we hope we've made you a better tennis player or put you on the road to becoming a better tennis player.

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