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4 Cool Facts about Green & Dumpy Tree Frogs

Learn four cool facts about green and dumpy tree frogs from reptile and amphibian expert Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.


Tree frogs. There's a variety of different tree frogs we can talk about today, but two I'm going to introduce you two. Number one is the Australian dumpy frog. Technical name is the White's tree frog, after the gentleman who discovered them many years ago in Australia, some scientist named White. But in the pet trade they've turned into the dumpy frog, which are very, very popular pets.

Again, as you can see, an arboreal frog. It's got little toe pads. Almost looks like E.T. hanging out there on the limb. And they are fantastic creatures in that they are predators. People think frogs sometimes are really neat creatures that are friendly. They play the guitar and they date Miss Piggy. But if you really know something about frogs, you'll know that frogs are indeed predators.

This little dumpy frog here loves his insects. He dives off the plants to go grabbing anything he has with his suction cup hands. He grabs things and he shoves them in his mouth. And we've seen large dumpy frogs, and they do get quite big, we've seen large dumpy frogs eat things as big as mice.

In their native Australia they sometimes inhabit the linings of caves and eat small brown bats as they go flying by. You wouldn't think a creature that big could do it, but after a couple of years they get a little larger than that. And they certainly have a voracious appetite. So, a dumpy tree frog is not exactly as friendly as he looks. He's got a nasty temperament when it comes to meal time.

His complement, if we move down here, is a small little frog, nowhere as big as that, but this is the common green frog that you'll see in Florida. Has very similar habits to the dumpy frog, half a world away. Hangs out in the trees, a voracious predator, again, anything that comes near him. But his diet is pretty much limited to insects because of his size. If I put the dumpy frog too close to the green frog, we might see a big mistake, in that the green frog would be his meal very, very quickly. As a matter of fact, I think he's eying him right now.

The dumpy tree frog from Australia gets his name, of course, his nickname, of dumpy, because as they get older they start to get a little on the chubby side. You'll see them actually get folds on their eyelids, folds of skin that almost looks like a Shar Pei puppy, and that's why they get that name dumpy.

We think about Australia, you think about desert and outback, but the northeast part of the country is heavily forested, and that's where you'll find these animals: hiding all day from predators. Their predator friends are snakes for the most part that look for them all day long. So, the dumpy will just hide in a tree canopy and wait for night to come. That's his time to go forage for food. The dumpy tree frog.

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