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5 Care Tips for Green or Dumpy Tree Frogs

Learn five tips for how to take care of a green or dumpy tree frog from reptile and amphibian expert Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.


Often times, due to space requirements, people want reptile or amphibian pets that inhabit a small space, and tree frogs fit the bill. Green tree frogs from Florida are really simple animals to keep, and oftentimes, we will put them in an enclosure with other animals, green anoles, brown anoles, fire-bellied toads. They are small enough to co-habitate with a lot of creatures.

Not every tree frog is such a friendly creature, though, and certainly, one of the most popular in the pet trade today are dumpy tree frogs, or the White's tree frogs. Dumpies get tremendous, as you see by my friend here, who we cleverly named Dumpy 12 years ago.

They will eat just about anything that comes into their enclosure. They are not friendly to co-habitate with anyone. Those beautiful toe pads keep him secured in the canopy where he likes to be. So, in your enclosure that will be up in the upper recesses of the tank. They need a lot of different hiding spots.

They are nocturnal by nature, so you'll see them sit all day long. Oftentimes, though, to have fun with my animal, I take him out during the day, put him on the bezel of my monitor in my office and he'll sit there and just hang all day long because he thinks he's hiding from everybody. Really, he's just out in plain sight and there for you to enjoy. At night it wouldn't be so easy to keep him still because at night is when he forages and off he'll go.

He can jump, that's for sure, but dumpy frogs are very, very slow moving. They almost are couch potatoes and they'll sit there all day long, and that's why they get so chubby so quickly. Oftentimes, a dumpy frog will get so big, some of the males, they get big furrows and folds on their skin and their stomachs can get quite large because, again, of their voracious appetite.

This is probably the number one pet frog in the business right now, as far as tree frogs go, and one of my favorites because breeders have taken the lead here and these animals are showing up now captive-bred. There's probably nothing better you can do when you buy an animal than get something that was born in captivity, rather than taking out of its native continent or native country.

The dumpy tree Frog from Australia: definitely a cute frog that's easy to keep, and a big recommendation from me as far as your first pet frog.

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