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3 Care Tips for Waxy Monkey Frogs

Learn three tips for how to take care of a waxy monkey frog from reptile and amphibian expert Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.


In the quest for more and more exotic animals, advanced hobbyists in the reptile amphibian business are looking in the four corners of the earth to try to find something that's different. After you've owned a number of species, variety certainly is what you're after. And there's nothing more unusual than the Waxy Monkey Frog from South America.

This is a frog that doesn't need a very large enclosure. It's nocturnal. It sits still all day. It's got that monkey look and that monkey movement, so it kind of stays on a perch. It's almost like a gargoyle, as a matter of fact, if you look at it during the day. But because of his ability to keep the moisture locked in with the wax on his back, he is an animal that can take a pretty good size heat lamp inside of his cage.

So, people like to talk about that story. They like to put him on a perch. This is kind of a small one here, but I'll give it a shot. They like to perch him in a spot. And if you position the light just so, he will stay in that spot almost all day long. An animal in captivity is to be enjoyed and you want to be able to observe him as much as you can. And it's a show-off, conversation piece to have an animal as exotic like this in your home or office.

So, the Waxy Monkey Frog is absolutely for the professional and advanced hobbyist. They're extremely fragile. If you could look at the spindly legs and arms on him. It doesn't take much. One little mistake could be the end of this guy. So, we only like to move him to people who are advanced hobbyists, who understand totally the background of the animal, where he comes from from a humidity, temperature, moisture, and food point of view. Not the easiest thing to keep alive in captivity, but a wonderful animal to show in a vivarium that's planted properly. The Waxy Monkey Frog.

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