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4 Cool Facts about Pac-Man Frogs

Learn four cool facts about pac-man frogs from reptile and amphibian expert Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.


There's a large number of frogs throughout the planet that are just break the mold as far as how they live, and pacman and pixie frogs certainly are my favorites.

Pacman frogs come from South America. They're called Pacman frogs for a really good reason. They look like Pac-man. They're nothing but mouths. They've got a giant mouth and a giant stomach. They're what we call sit and wait predators.

Frogs usually are in the trees, they're hopping around grabbing food, and stuffing it into their mouths. Frogs In the pond near your house have big, long legs and chase their food. All frogs are predators, but there's none like these terrestrial frogs that sit and just wait for something to come along. Of course, he's not too happy on this carpet here.

Their natural environment is to sit in very shallow water, preferably moss or something humid like that. They sit there all day with nothing but their eyes sticking out. The last thing the prey sees is two bulging eyes, not really sure what it is, and the Pacman opens his incredibly large mouth and makes a meal out of anything, anything, that sits in front of him.

Pacman frogs and their counterparts are wonderful in pet enclosures, but in nature they are consummate predators. Pacman frogs have made the cut in that they are now being bred in captivity by professional breeders. And when that happens, they lose their natural coloration. Their natural coloration would be something that's very cryptic and make it easy for them to hide, closer to my friend over here. But through captive breeding they force out recessive traits that change the colors.

We are seeing them, now we see strawberry Pacmans, apricot Pacmans, albino Pacmans, all different color phases. Same habits, same habitat, same way to keep them, but they are different and therefore much sought-after in the pet trade.

This is an animal that takes a very small enclosure. A 10-gallon fish tank is enough for an adult one. They'll get about the size of the palm of my hand. They are a lot of fun to watch and eat, as they just go bop, bop, bop , and they gobble up their food much like our friend from the video game, Pac-man

South American Pacman Frog.

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