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7 Care Tips for Leopard Geckos

Learn seven tips for how to take care of a leopard gecko from reptile and amphibian expert Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.


An extremely popular lizard pet these days is the Leopard Gecko. They come in such a wide variety of colors right now. The ones way back when were always just yellow with black spots, but now we get a variety of different color patterns, eye colorations, pupil types, all different types that I won't bore you with here today.

But this is what I really want to stress with these is their calm nature and this is a great beginner lizard because it just stays in a very small enclosure. A 10-gallon tank is more than sufficient for its whole life. And it's a meal worm and cricket eater. It doesn't like greens, it doesn't like meat, it just wants to eat its insects. It's a hygienic little animal in captivity in that when it defecates, it tends to do it in one corner. It almost makes a toilet area. So, that pleases a lot of the owners. In terms of cleaning up after it, it's very simple.

Simple sand on the bottom, a pretty strong heat lamp on the top. They are more of a nocturnal creature so they'll stay inside of a hide spot. And if there's one mistake people make with these all the time it's keeping them too hot. They are an animal that comes from a hot area of the planet, no doubt about it. But they do not lay in a lounge chair and try to bask in the sun. They get out of that sun as fast as they can. And they do that by going underground.

So, to keep them happy and healthy, you have to give them, not only a hide spot, but you have to humidify it. What we use usually is clumped up moss. We run it under the faucet and make it very wet, stuff the moss inside of a hide spot, and that's where the burrow where the animal will stay most of the time. At night is when he comes out and forages, so we put usually a red light over his tank. So, if you own him, you can watch him eat at night. The red light not bothering a reptile. Hopefully, it doesn't bother you. But he can't see the red light. He can see the prey, he can sense where it is, and he eats. And you can enjoy the Leopard Gecko at night.

So, this is really an extremely popular animal, totally, totally captive bred. You do not see any imported ones ever because they're prolific breeders, that's for sure. The Leopard Gecko has also got one of the softest underbellies of anything I've ever felt. A female gecko, if it was to be a pregnant one or a gravid one, as we say in the reptile business, you would actually see the eggs. It's almost a transparent stomach. So very easy animal to keep and one I would highly recommend, the Leopard Gecko.

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