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3 Cool Facts about Tokay Geckos

Learn three cool facts about tokay geckos from reptile and amphibian expert Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.


Okay. From the Southeast Asia area, we get a very, very beautiful animal called the Tokay Gecko. This is a wall climber. This is about as arboreal as you can get. These animals can go straight up even the smoothest of surfaces. If you could get a look at his toe pads here, they have little ridges on them and little hairs on top of that. And they literally can adhere to almost any type of a surface.

So, you'll often see Tokay Geckos in trees. But around humanity, in areas where people live, you'll see Tokay Geckos everywhere, inside of homes, clinging to the sides of houses. They move right in and make themselves at home, munching on all the bugs in your house if you live in Southeast Asia.

A claw on the end finishes the grasping ability and I can almost feel, it's almost like a glue texture to the front of this foot. The back of the animal is absolutely spectacularly colored. And occasionally, a male Tokay, they get their names because they make a sound sort of like Tokay. It almost sounds like the word Tokay when they call at night. Females don't do that, but the males do. And you'll hear them more than see them if you visit that part of the world.

The skin texture on them and the coloration of them has led to a lot of fascinating, I think, wrong facts about them. They're sought after to the point right now that they're almost becoming extinct in the wild. They're very popular in the pet trade for some reason. But in nature, in those areas in the world, people have taken them out in dramatic numbers because somewhere along the line, Chinese medicine, the Tokay Gecko's body, they got the notion that it's an aphrodisiac of some kind, that eating Tokay Geckos will lead to virility in men. And it hasn't proven scientifically to be the case, yet they are hunting them to the point of extinction in their native area of Southeast Asia.

We see them in videos and food markets where there's thousands and thousands of them being sold to people for that purpose. So, that's a terrible thing for a beautiful animal like this to meet its demise because of a rumor, much like rhinoceros horns do the same thing, and rhinoceroses were getting hunted almost to extinction for that same reason. I think someone's got to introduce these guys to Viagra.

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