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5 Cool Facts about Frilled Dragons aka Frilled Lizards

Learn five cool facts about frilled dragons, also known as frilled lizards, from reptile and amphibian expert Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.


From southeast Asia and Australia, we see a most unusual lizard who is adapted a really efficient way of scaring off potential predators. This is the Frilled Dragon. Actually, he's a bit of a bluffer, as Frilled Dragons are not known to really bite people as much as it looks like he's about to do. But, everything about him is to scare off potential prey.

First of all, he's a tree lizard, he's dominated in forests, he's not really a tropical animal, he likes more of a dry hardwood forest, and they stay on trees that are vertical all day. They have a tremendous strong grip and they'll fold that big frill down and kind of hide.

But, when threatened by a prey animal this is what he does to defend himself. He will throw out that sizable frill to make himself look bigger than he really is. He will show you his serious canine teeth there. He's got really strong jaw strength and very, very sharp teeth.

But, really, it's bluff more than anything else. He's not interested in tangling with anybody, with any other animal that's bigger than him. He's gonna show you how big he is and then he's going to head for the hills.

They are a bipedal lizard, meaning they can run on their hind legs, and they run extremely fast in nature. This is an animal that became very popular after the filming of the fantastic movie, of course, "Jurassic Park". The movie "Jurassic Park" featured an animal that ate Newman from "Seinfeld", if you remember. He was the villain in the movie and the dilophosaurus attacked him in his jeep.

What it did was sneak up on him, and when it was about to attack it showed it's frill which is backwards from what this animal is doing. This animal is showing it's frill to scare you away, not as a prelude to an attack. And, of course, the dinosaur in the movie had venomous spit that was like goo that it spit all over it's victim, blinding him, and then it proceeded, of course, to eat him.

Well, that's Spielberg making a million bucks while Jungle Bob here makes his $5.00 a day showing the truth about the animal, which is it"s all about bluffing; it's not about attacking. He wants to run, he wants to get away. He could have bitten me ten times already. He doesn't want to really do that. He just wants to get out of harm's way.

That's what the Frilled Dragon is about. We see them in Australia, and native to southeast Asia, and they all do the same. There's different colors of them, there's different sizes, but the Frilled Dragon, as menacing as he looks, is kind of a scaredy-cat. Isn't that right? So am I. The Frilled Dragon.

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