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3 Care Tips for Blue-Tongued Skinks

Learn three tips for how to take care of a blue-tongued skink from reptile and amphibian expert Jungle Bob in this Howcast video.


One of the up and coming lizards in the reptile market certainly is the Blue-Tongued Skink.

This is an animal that is now being domesticated, bred in captivity because it's so popular because it's unusual, first of all. This is a huge one. This is about top end, as far as what you're going to need for a tank. You're going to need something that big, like some of the larger Monitor and Iguanas get huge. But, really, the fun of the Blue Tongue Skank is people trying to figure out what it is when they see it.

It's got a wonderfully smooth skin to it, almost fish-like, in terms of the tight scales. But it's extremely friendly creature. I have never seen this particular one, I've know her for almost 14 years, she's never opened her mouth, threatening someone or trying to bite them Put food in front of her, it's a different story. She opens her mouth quickly, but she's as docile and tame as you can get.

They're wonderful companion animals. You take this animal out in the park and walk around. I actually had someone ask me where the batteries go once, because they couldn't comprehend that this was a real live animal. So that's the wow factor you get from a Blue Tongue Skink of this size. Again, babies are born live and when you get them this size, and feed them by hand, and get to hold them a lot, they just tame down awfully quick.

They are a true omnivore. When I go out to the diner and get a large meal, they always tend to give you too much food at the diner. I don't take a doggy bag home, I take a lizard bag home because this guy eats all the things that I don't. The gristle on the steak, the tomatoes and the lettuce you don't eat as garnish, the parsley. The only thing he doesn't seem to like are the French fries. But, everything else, you name it the Blue Tongue Skink will gobble it up readily.

I've seen him eat hotdogs with mustard, hamburgers with ketchup, spaghetti with meatballs, hard boiled eggs. You name it, the Blue Tongue Skink will make a meal out of it, making it very, very popular in households across America because it'll eat just about anything. You don't have to return to the pet store for food if you have a Blue Tongue Skink.

He becomes quite the companion in the household, and we just love him. Blue Tongue Skinks are up and coming as pets.

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