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Top 3 Sexy Moves for Ladies

Learn how to do the top three sexy moves for ladies from professional dance instructors Victor Sho and LaShonna Halloway in this Howcast dance video.


Hi ladies. It's LaShona and I'm going to teach you the top three sexy dance moves that you can do in a club. So the first move is going to be a double arm lasso. You put both of your arms in the air and you just lasso them around like you're having the best time ever. That's a sexy dance move, the double arm lasso. You get your whole body involved and you just go around and around. That's move number one.

The second move is the turn around and look back, very sexy. Turn around and look back and just groove it out. Ready? So you're facing the front and you're dancing. You're doing this double arm lasso, then you turn around and you look back and you jam it out. The third one, it's just going to go groove low. Just groove all the way till you get real low. So that's three moves you can do. The top sexy dance moves, all three of them. Double arm lasso, turn around and look back and jam it out, turn back around and then you just get real low. Three sexy dance moves.

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