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How to Do the Dancehall Move the Log On

Learn how to do the dancehall move the Log On from professional dance instructors Victor Sho and LaShonna Halloway in this Howcast dance video.


Hi, my name is Victor Cho, and I am going to show you how to do the log on. So the log on is another dance hall style. It incorporates hip movement, here, so you definitely need to be loose at the hips. And once again it's dance hall so you definitely have to be in the midst of the groove of the dance. So what I like to tell people to do is start straddled, you're going to start with your right leg. You're going to bring your right leg slightly beveled in and then you're going to bend down and then you're going to extend that same right leg on its toe.

You're going to bring that right leg right back in, and then go back to that straddle position but you still want to be bent down. It's a street style so you want to stay grounded. So you bring this left leg in, and then you step it up. Bring your left back in and then go back to the straddle position. And that's kind of like the formula for doing the log on. So you just want to bring it in, out, in, straddle. In, out, in, straddle. And then obviously when you add apply your hip rolls to it, now you get more fluid. So now you go, here. Here.

And naturally you let your hands guide you through the process. So you don't have to have your hands down the whole time, you know you want to actually, definitely keep the balance with your hands here. So if you're using your right leg try to use your left hand to balance out. And if you're extending with your left leg try to use your right hand to balance out and then you bring it back in like that. Then you go here, here. So, in, out, in, straddle. In, out, in, straddle. And now we're going to do it to the beat so you can see. Five. Five, six, seven, eight. Then we're done. And that's how you do the log on.

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