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How to Grind Dance

Learn how to grind from professional dance instructors Victor Sho and LaShonna Halloway in this Howcast dance video.


Lyshanna: Hi everyone, I'm Lyshanna

Victor: And my name is Victor Cho.

Lyshanna: and we're going to teach you how to grind. So have you ever been in the club and you want to dance with someone, a dance partner, and you want to grind on them, the song is really good, but you don't really quite know what to do? Well the purpose of grinding on a partner is to get them to feel the same rhythm and same motion as you so that you're dancing as one. So we're going to teach you three simple grinding movements that you can do to make your grinding feel a little bit more comfortable with a partner, okay. So first you're facing your partner, what you're going to do is start by doing a little chest bump. So your chest is actually doing a little bump to each other, front and back. And you can initiate this move and make your partner do it with you. So if Victor's just standing there and I come over and I want to dance with him, I'm just going to start and he's going to join in with me. That's how contagious this is.

Victor: Very contagious.

Lyshanna: The next one that we're going to do is a wave. Same thing but we're going down our bodies, start with the chest and go all the way down your body. And we're waving. Another form of grinding is this waving move. And the third one that we're going to do is a little hip roll together. Ready? And those are our three ways of grinding with each other, so we're going to do all three.

Victor: Cool.

Lyshanna: Ready? Here we go.

Victor: Chest bumps. Chest bump. Wave.

Lyshanna: And that's how you grind in the club.

Victor: That's how you do it.

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