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How to Slow Grind Dance

Learn how to slow grind from professional dance instructors Victor Sho and LaShonna Halloway in this Howcast dance video.


- Victor: Hi, my name is Victor Cho

- Lyshanna: And I'm Lyshanna.

- Victor: And we are going to show you how to slow grind. Now, I would assume that before you even think of slow grinding somebody, that you're already in the midst of grinding period. Alright, so I'm hoping that the person is already there. So, now if you're grinding, you're going fast, right. What you want to do is definitely take a little bit of control, maybe by grabbing her by the hips and just slowing down. Might wanna pull a little closer to you, grab a little tighter. A woman likes to know that a guy is kind of like, having a nice rhythm but also taking control. So pulling her closer and pulling her tighter to you, is definitely a good look. And you want to keep things entertaining, so you definitely want to change up the rhythm. Maybe want to drop it here, like a drop and stop right there. And you definitely, definitely want keep a connection with the girl that you're dancing with. You don't want to be that creepy guy who's just standing in the back and never sees her face. So you want to come over here and keep it going. Yeah.

- Lyshanna: And ladies you can lean forward a little bit, so you can turn around and look back, as you're grinding.

- Victor: And, grinding is sensual but at the same time it's fun. It's fun. And you just want to have fun with the person that you're doing it with. And that's how you slow grind.

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