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How to Do the Butterfly Dance

Learn how to do the butterfly dance from professional dance instructors Victor Sho and LaShonna Halloway in this Howcast dance video.


Hey everybody, I'm LaShonna.

And I'm Victor Sho.

And today, we're going to learn the butterfly. The butterfly is an old-school reggae dance. It's done primarily with the legs, so we're going to just focus on the legs today, and then Victor and I are going to show you a partnered-version of the butterfly, the double-butterfly, so to speak.

The double-butterfly.

So, we're going to start with our legs. You have to start with your knees bent, on your tippy-toes, is the best way to start. Knees in, knees out, think of yourself doing the Thighmaster exercise. Knees in, knees out, knees in, knees out. Now, how do we get to the butterfly? We add our pelvis. When your knees come in, your pelvis pushes your knees apart, and your pelvis goes back. Knees in, push the knees apart. Knees in, pelvis pushes the knees apart, and push, and open, and push, and open. Now you can add your arms, for a scooping motion, to add onto the butterfly.

So, let's do a single-leg, single-leg, double-leg butterfly. We're going to start with the right. Right leg, left leg, now both go two times. Right leg again. Right leg, left leg, both legs. Make sure you're pushing, push! Push! Both legs. One more time. Right, left, push. Good. So now Victor and I are going to show you how you can partner up into a butterfly with your friends. So I'm going to do a low butterfly, Victor's going to be high. We're going to go single, single, double. Ready, Victor?


5, 6, 7, you have single, single, and double. One more time. Single, single, and double. Awesome. And that is the butterfly.

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