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How to Two-Step

Learn how to two-step from professional dance instructors Victor Sho and LaShonna Halloway in this Howcast dance video.


- LaSawna: Hi everybody, I'm LaShawna.

- Victor: And I'm Victor Show.

- LaShawna: And today, we're going to show you how to do a two-step. When you're in social settings, and there's music playing, and you want to get started dancing, all you have to do, is two-step. You go right to left, left to right, right to left, and left to right. Right to left. And that is our two-step.

- Victor: Yeah, so, now if you really want to do this two-step and have the party going crazy, off just one two-step? What you want to do is have a little more fun with it, get a little more updated with it, yeah? So you're going to go here, here, here, here. Here, here, here, here. So you're...oh, I'm sorry LaShawna, you can come back now.

- LaShawna: Can you teach me?

- Victor: Yes, yes. Just playing around with her. Alright, so basically want to get down low low, you know what I'm saying? Rock to the side right here, five, six, seven, and one... And that's a little but more of an updated two-step.

- LaShawna: That's the two-step.

(?) is cool too, you know, I love her.

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