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How to Do Upper Body Isolation Moves

Learn how to upper body isolation moves from professional dance instructors Victor Sho and LaShonna Halloway in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Victor Sho.

And, I'm LaShauna.

And we are gonna teach you how to do upper body isolations. So, basically, when you're doing the upper body isolation, you want to understand that your neck is the tool that would pretty much engage the isolation to which part of the body you want to use.

So, if you want to isolate your head, you want to extend your neck towards your right, then your left. Your right, then your left. Yeah? However you want to keep your torso area completely still. And a lot of times people try to put their hands on their chest so that they can feel that their torso is, and your chest area, this whole upper body area right here, is not moving.

So, you want to go right, left, right, left. And if you realize the more you practice this, the more your neck gets loose, the more you'll be able to move your head from side to side without doing one of these. You don't want to lead with your chin. You don't want to that. Want to keep your head completely still and vertical and keep your shoulders completely flat, so none of this, yeah?

So, keep your shoulders completely flat and then isolate your head. And then that same token, you can keep your head still and isolate your actual upper body itself from your chest area. So, you can keep your head still right here, and move your chest to your left, your chest to your right. Your chest to your left, your chest to your right. And you work with it just like that. Cool?

And then, when you get advanced and you want to have fun with it, what you can do is you can start doing different things where you can isolate your head first, then your lower body. First, then your lower body, top, lower body. Great, encircle it. And then you'll bring it right back up.

If you realize, a lot of times what I also use, to kind of like cheat that, is, if my body is going towards my left, my chin is kind of going towards my right. If my body is going towards my right, my chin is kind of going towards my left. In the same token, if my head is going down, my upper body is going up.

And it's the same thing. If my upper body's going up, my head is going down. Cool? And that's how you do upper body isolations.

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