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How to Count Bars in Rap Music

Learn how to count bars in rap music from hip-hop performer Chris Kazi Rolle in this Howcast video.


The common structures for rap songs are three verses and three choruses. So, every verse is usually 16 bars. And when you are writing your song, you may want to double check to make sure that it's 16 bars.

And so the way that you measure that is what we call counting bars. So, this is the way that you count a bar. You go one, two, three, four. Two, two, three, four. Three, two, three, four.

And so on. And that is the way that you would count bars. And, again, every bar is four measures. Alright. Every bar is four measures. So you go and count 16 bars, and that is how you structure one verse. And, remember, every verse is made up of 16 bars.

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