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3 Tips on How to Rap Better

Learn three tips on how to rap better from hip-hop performer Chris Kazi Rolle in this Howcast video.


Alright. If you want to really get good at rap, here are a few things that you can do to become a better rapper. One of the first things is enunciate. So, like actors, like speakers, there are exercises, such as tongue twisters, such as, you know, putting marble in your mouth, and just enunciating your words.

One key thing that you can do in the studio is smile. Smile as you're rapping your song, because it forces you to use your full jaw to enunciate your words.

Another thing is to close your eyes and don't think about anything else than what you're saying. Because, in addition to the words, it's the emotion, it's the feeling that you're putting in it. And if you're distracted by the audience, if you're distracted by things around you or other thoughts in your mind, you're not necessarily putting your all into what it is that you're saying.

Another way to get good at rapping is, really, I know it sounds simple, just by practicing. You know, don't wait to the last minute to try to get it down or figuring out you're just going to make it up on stage or when you get to the studio. It's really about the basics. Anything that you work on over and over and over again you get better at. And if you don't put the time in, then you won't get out what you really want to get out.

So, practice is key. Enunciating is very, very, very important, especially if you're rapping on a record where people can't see you. If I'm seeing you then I could kind of make out what your lips are saying, because I'm seeing your expression. But, if a person can't see you, your ability to enunciate is very, very important.

So when you're practicing, one way of really strengthening your enunciation is turning the beat off and slowing down and then saying each word, one at a time. By slowing down and putting the emphasis on each word, when you speed up and you sing the song over a beat, it's crystal clear. Those are a few ways that you can strengthen your ability to become a better rapper in this rap game.

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