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How to Get the Most Out of a Recording Studio Session

Learn how to get the most out of a recording studio session from hip-hop performer Chris Kazi Rolle in this Howcast video.


You spend anywhere from $20 to $25 to $100, $150 for a studio session and you leave that studio session not getting a lot out of it, because you were not prepared or you didn't have the professional attitude in the studio. So, to make good songs you have to have a great attitude when going in the studio and you have to come ready to get the most out of that session.

So, one thing you want to start doing, before you get to the studio, is to make sure you know what you want to leave with. Sounds simple, but you want to begin with the end in mind and go in there prepared with your song down.

You want to make sure you practice so that you go in there and you just bang it out. You know, a lot of people hear about what Jay-Z can do and they hear about what Lil Wayne can do. That's a gift and something that they honed over many years of doing what they do. So, don't go into the studio trying to be like them. Do what you can do.

If you know you need to write and practice, make sure that you put that time in, because when you get in the studio there's pressure on you. And so unless you put in the time, you could be performing the song over and over again, and you can also frustrate yourself because you're not getting it, because you didn't practice.

Another way to make the most of studio time is not to bring extra people to the studio. Go in there. Bring people that's going to keep you focused, that's going to keep you on point so that you get the song done. Because, many times, people who are not rappers or don't understand what the studio's about can distract you from getting things done in the studio.

And the third, most important, thing to get the most out of studio time is to enjoy yourself. Don't put so much pressure on yourself that you're so nitpicking on every detail. Ultimately, it's about a good vibe, and you want to get that good vibe and that good energy on the track. And if you use those three tips, I promise you, you'll get the most out of a studio session.

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