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How to Be Successful in the Music Industry

Hip-hop performer Chris Kazi Rolle shares tips on how to be successful in the music industry in this Howcast video.


The keys to success in the music business. First, start off by knowing that it's a business. When you get into this thing called music business, you know it's about making money. So, you have to be able to understand that it's about selling, and not just about giving.

You should give, but with the ultimate goal of selling. One way to start off is by getting just people in your circumference, or your social circle, to buy your music, and start getting people to support you financially.

Another key to success in the music business is to have a great work ethic. There's somebody out there that's working right now to become a star. While you're watching TV, while you're sleeping, they're working hard. So if you want to be successful, you've got to have a strong work ethic, to work harder than anybody else. If you think of any name from 50 Cent to Jay-Z, they can tell you, and you can see, that they are people who work very, very, very hard. If you are lazy, you can forget about it.

Another key principle of being successful in the music industry is consistency. If you start to build a buzz and then you fall off, or you get on and you have a great single out there and then you don't follow up, then people forget about you very quick because there's someone else who's coming up and they're consistent, and they'll come right behind you and take that spot. You have to be consistent. It's not about now, it's about ten years from now. So if you want to build a career you have to constantly be creating product, and sharing that product with people and always showing up in that way.

I think one of the last things that's important about being successful in the music business is about being original; it's about being creative. So if you want to be successful, you've got to be comfortable in being yourself because there's only one you. There's no other person who has the fingerprint that you have. So if you are comfortable being yourself and being original and coming up with different ways to present yourself that are still ultimately you, then you will definitely be successful.

So, being original and being creative, being consistent, having a great work ethic, and being willing to say that, "Hey, I'm in the business of music," is how you can be successful in the music business.

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