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Main Causes of Heart Disease

Learn what are the main causes of heart disease from Dr. Dennis Finkielstein in this Howcast video.


So one of the main causes of heart disease. I think basically we break them up into two categories. One would be acquired heart disease, which are conditions that you get throughout life as time goes on. Or congenital heart disease; thing you're born with that usually are inherited from your family or parents.

I think acquired heart disease in general we're talking about atherosclerotic heart disease where cholesterol is building up in the arteries of the heart. And for congenital heart disease there are all kinds of heart defects that can occur, which sometimes manifest or show up early on and sometimes come on later in life. And when we talk about ischemic heart disease, there are lots of main risk factors we can talk about. Some of them I think most people already know. That would be smoking, high fat diet, lack of exercise, high stress in life. These are things that I think are pretty common for a lot of us and are challenging to deal with on a daily basis.

For congenital heart disease, the causes are genetic, inherited abnormalities. These are things you get from you parents. And unfortunately, we can't choose our parents. So you have to play the hand you're dealt. And those would be the two main causes of heart disease.

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