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Does Sugar Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease?

Learn if eating sugar increases your risk of heart disease from Dr. Dennis Finkielstein in this Howcast video.


Does sugar increase the risk of heart disease? Well, it sure can. For the most part, when people eat a diet high in sugar, they're eating an unhealthy diet. It's usually high in processed foods and high in sugary or fatty foods. That can lead to the development of diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. Making those kinds of choices definitely promotes heart disease. It can lead to the buildup of blocked arteries in the heart, something we call "atherosclerosis," and that can lead to heart attack and stroke.

Sugar leads to heart disease in a complex way and affects the body's metabolism and the way we handle the intake of food and nutrition. So, a diet high in sugar is usually an unhealthy diet. And you want to stick with the things that are healthier, but we can make healthy choices in regards to sugar intake. If we want to satisfy that sweet tooth, we can always go with something like pure dark chocolate or unprocessed sugary foods.That would be a better way to have sugar in our diet and satisfy our sweet tooth.

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