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Top 3 Museums to Visit in Singapore

Learn about the top three museums to visit on a trip to Singapore in this Howcast travel video.


Visiting Singapore’s museums is a great way to learn about the rich cultures that characterize this diverse island. Dig into the history of Singapore at the National Museum of Singapore. This is officially Singapore’s oldest museum, it has kept up with the island’s history even while it was happening. But that doesn’t mean it’s stuck in the past–the museum uses film and other technology in its events and exhibits, in order to educate visitors more effectively than ever. To better understand Singapore as it is today, visit the Asian Civilizations Museum. Singaporean people come from a variety of cultures with ancestors in different countries. This museum is dedicated to the appreciation of Singapore’s different cultures, and it educates visitors on how they interact and their individual histories. For art, you have to check out the Singapore Art Museum. It has a collection of thousands of pieces of contemporary Southeast Asian art, in a variety of media. Whether you’re more interested in history, art, or modern Singapore, these world-class museums are the perfect way to become more familiar with the spirit of Singapore.

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