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Best Time of Year to Visit Singapore

Learn the best time of year to visit Singapore in this Howcast travel video.


Given how close to the Equator the island of Singapore is, it’s going to be pretty hot no matter what time of year you visit. Fortunately, air conditioning is very common in Singapore, and the locals won’t think less of you for taking advantage of it–they do too. You should expect it to rain every day regardless of when you visit, but usually only in brief showers. The most rain will fall during the monsoon season, November through January. Singapore gets a lot of business travelers, so hotel rates and airfare are likely to be high year round. July through August is your best bet for finding good deals. Above all, avoid mid-December through the Lunar New Year, which is usually in February–this is the most popular time for vacations in Asia, so it will be next to impossible to find a good deal. Despite the cost and the weather, Singapore is bustling, unique, and well worth visiting. Just pack an umbrella and appropriate clothing, and plan your trip ahead of time for the best bargains.

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