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Visiting the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Find out what you'll see on a trip to the Singapore Botanic Gardens in this Howcast travel video.


"One of the best things about Singapore is all the nature that lives alongside this modern city. The Singapore Botanic Gardens span 183 acres and include a stunning variety of botanic treasures. You can visit just to take a walk through the grounds or join the Singaporeans who practice tai chi here in the mornings, but there’s a lot more to do as well. One highly notable attraction is the ten acres of Singapore’s natural, preserved tropical rainforest, which you can take a tour
through. Another favorite is the National Orchid Garden, which contains thousands of species and hybrids of Singapore’s famous orchids. Visit the Evolution Garden to learn about how plants have evolved since prehistoric times. Also of note is the Ginger Garden, which contains hundreds of plant species related to ginger, from lilies to bananas. If
you’re travelling with children, visit the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, which includes a maze, a fountain to splash in, and tons of educational activities. The gardens are open every day from 5 AM to midnight and general admission is free, so time and money won’t prevent you from visiting. So whatever you do, don’t miss out."

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