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How to Do the Slow Mouse Prank

Learn how to do the slow mouse prank in this office pranks video from Howcast featuring comedian Jared Freid.


Prankster: I got another great office prank for you. This one is called the slow mouse. Everyone is trying to get through their workday as fast as possible. This will be the one thing that'll slow them down. Go to your system preferences, then you're going to click on mouse. Get in here as quick as you can while your colleague is out at the bathroom or at lunch. Here you have tracking, which controls the mouse arrow across the screen. Put it to its slowest. And here's scrolling. So now when they scroll down a page, it's going to take them forever. And click out of here. It's going to feel like you're pulling a brick across the page.

Colleague 1: Can you pull up that document real quick? We need to get it faxed to me.

Colleague 2: Of course.

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