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How to Do the E-Mail Signature Prank

Learn how to do the e-mail signature prank in this office pranks video from Howcast featuring comedian Jared Freid.


Jillian: Okay guys, I'm going to go ahead and take my lunch. I'll be back in like an hour.

Prankster: I got another great office prank. This one's called the signature switch. Everyone's email has a signature. We're just going to take one of my coworker's and switch it to something different. Jillian just went to lunch, so I came here to her computer. Go to settings. Go down to the signature page. Keep all of the fonts and colors the same, so then when she comes back she won't notice any difference. She's the Head of Research. We'll just make her the Head Bitch in Charge. She has a quote. We'll change the quote to, 'I work therefore I poop.' She also tells the office she loves brunch. Maybe she loves something else like natural disasters. Now you click save, and you get the heck out of here.

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