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How to Do the Baby Daddy Prank

Learn how to do the baby daddy prank in this office pranks video from Howcast featuring comedian Jared Freid.


Prankster: I call this next one baby mama drama. What I did is I put an add on Craigslist looking for an actress to play a lunatic to scare my coworker. A woman is going to come in here, say that she is pregnant with my coworker's baby, and flip out. Is he having a baby with her? No. Is she having a baby with him? No. Will my coworker's know? Absolutely not. You want an actress. You want someone that's seasoned. You want someone that has experience in all phases of lunancy. You want someone that knows what a drunk person would look like when they're ranting and raving. You want someone who's timely, because you want to know when the prank is going to be happening. And, you know, you want somebody that, they don't have to look good. They just have to look crazy, and at some point, she will point in here, go a little nuts about their baby, and then leave. And everyone in the office will be very afraid to say something.

Prankster: Could be a lot of fun. Could really get some things going. And then at the end of the day.

Actress: Where is he? Where is he?! There he is. There he is! This, this is, this is your baby. This is yours! Don't look at me like that! You know it, I know it, this guy here knows it. Everyone in this office knows that this is yours! This is yours. This is yours. And now everybody knows it. They know it. It's your baby. Don't think you're going to get out of paying child support for this. I'm glad I found you. Have a good meeting because we'll be in touch, alright? I have your email, but don't forget little Johnny.

Prankster: You should take care of your business.

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