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How to Do the Urgent Meeting Prank

Learn how to do the urgent meeting prank in this office pranks video from Howcast featuring comedian Jared Freid.


Prankster: Jillian just went to the bathroom so this is the perfect time for the prank, urgent meeting. What you do is you sent out an email to the whole office telling them that there's going to be a meeting in the conference room. So you take the inner-office email, you keep it in all caps, make it sound crucial. I'm going to subject it, urgent meeting. Lots of exclamation points. Keep it in capital letters so everyone knows you're yelling. Then you're going to write, 'be in the conference room in five minutes.' Then make a promise that can't be kept. 'I'm bringing snacks.' Nothing makes a workplace more upset than a meeting that never happens and snacks that never come.

Jillian: Hey guys! What's everyone doing in here?

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