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How to Do the Autocorrect Prank

Learn how to do the Autocorrect prank in this office pranks video from Howcast featuring comedian Jared Freid.


I got a great prank for anyone that works with a search typer. It's called auto correct. A search typer is someone who types while looking down at the computer. It's probably an older person in your office. Maybe they call this thing the Google machine. Who knows? It's specifically for the search typer in your office. What you do is you go to their Word. You go to Tools. Go to Auto Correct. And then you're going to take words like clients and replace it with idiots and add it. You're going to take invoices and replace it with garbage and add it. Take sincerely, replace it with you suck, and add it. You're going to click okay. And now, anytime they write about invoices and clients and sincerely, it's going to change the whole nature of the sentence.

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