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How to Pull Off Office Pranks with Jared Freid

Learn about comedian Jared Freid, one of Howcast's pranks experts, in this video.


Jared: I'm Jared Freid and I'm the prank expert. I'm a stand-up comedian. I love good prank because it gets people out of the monotony of the day, whether it's their desk being wrapped or your baby mama coming in and interrupting a good work day.

Actress: Everyone in this office knows that this is yours. This is yours.

Jared: It's good to see how people react to that because you don't usually get a front row seat to somebody falling on ice, and that's always a funny thing to watch. You can catch me on YouTube. I did the Three Most Annoying New Yorkers at the YouTube channel Generation YOLO. And I am on Twitter, @JTrain56. I write for Total Frat Move, Bro Bible, and He Texted where girls send in their texts from guys and I give them advice, however good or bad that might be. You can check all that stuff out of my Twitter, @JTrain56.

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