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How to Prepare to Sew Invisible Zipper on a Sewing Machine

Learn how to prepare to sew an invisible zipper with a sewing machine from designer Jennifer Wiese in this Howcast tutorial.


Hi. I'm Jennifer from Workroom Social, and today I'm going to show you how to install an invisible zipper.

So, here we have our invisible zipper and the fabric that we're going to use to sew our zipper into. The first part of sewing an invisible zipper is to press the zipper. So, we're going to move our fabric aside. We're going to open the zipper and flip it to the wrong side, the side with the teeth.

And then, we're going to roll the zipper out. So, the zipper teeth kind of roll in on the invisible zipper. That's what kind of hides the zipper. It pulls all the fabric in. So, we're going to roll it out and then we're going to press it with the iron so that it will stay flat. And you'll do this to both sides of the zipper.

You'll go down as far as you can get to the zipper stop, or the zipper pull at the bottom prevents you from getting all the way to the bottom of the teeth. But that's okay. Just go as far as you can. Okay. Great.

So, after you press your zipper, you'll see the zipper teeth are now lying flat; they're not curling in. So, now we can take this to our sewing machine and sew our zipper in.

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