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How to Make a Double-Fold Hem with a Sewing Machine

Learn how to make a double-fold hem with a sewing machine from designer Jennifer Wiese in this Howcast tutorial.


Hi. This is Jennifer from Workroom Social, and today I'm going to show us how to make a double folded hem. The the first thing you want to do is to take your fabric out and grab a seam guide or ruler.

Now, in this example, we have a 2-inch hem allowance. That means there's 2 inches of fabric at the bottom of our garment that can be folded over to make a hem.

So, what I want do is I want to take my seam guide and get it to 2 inches. And then I want to take the bottom of my garment and measure and press 2 inches.

Okay. Now, once you have this 2 inches folded and pressed, all we want to do is take our raw edge and tuck it underneath into the fold.

Once that's nice and flat, we'll just take the iron and press that out. Now, I like this method a lot better than, alternatively, if you wanted, you could measure and fold an inch and measure and fold an inch to get that 2 inches. But I think it's really easy and fast to fold it once and then just tuck the rest under. So, that's why I do it like that.

Okay. And then, you can go ahead and just pin the hem in place before you take it to the sewing machine. Okay. Our hem is pinned; let's go to the sewing machine.

Okay. Great. So, we have our hem folded and pressed and pinned. We are ready to sew now. You can sew this from either the wrong side or the right side of the fabric. As you practice, you're going to want to switch to sewing from the right side of the fabric, because the stitches that come from this top thread just look nicer than the bobbin stitches.

But it's totally fine if you want to press it from this edge, from the wrong side, because you can get a really clear view of where this fold is. So, you're just going to put your fabric right under the presser foot, make sure you're at a straight stitch. I'm using a 2.5 inch-millimeter, not inch, a 2.5-millimeter stitch length. And then, you're just going to sew a straight line close to that fold.

Okay. And there we have our double folded hem. From the right side and the wrong side. That's how you sew a double folded hem.

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