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How to Use a Double Needle on a Sewing Machine

Learn how to use a double needle on a sewing machine from designer Jennifer Wiese in this Howcast tutorial.


Hi. I'm Jennifer from Workroom Social, and today I'm going to show you how to use a double needle on your sewing machine.

Here is the double needle that I'm using, and a double needle is exactly what it sounds like. It's two needles connected to one shaft and it makes two lines of stitching that are exactly the same distance apart.

The first thing you want to do is take out the needle that you currently have in your sewing machine. I just twisted the screw that holds my needle in and took it out. I'll put that needle aside. Then I want to take my double needle and put it into the sewing machine. I want to make sure that the flat of the shaft is towards the back of the sewing machine and that on my needle eyes, the grooves on the eyes are towards me. The other thing you have to note when you're using a double needle is you need to use a presser foot that accommodates for a zigzag. So if I were to use the presser foot that I have in my machine right now, which is for a straight stitch, the needles would hit the presser foot and break.

So go ahead and put your zigzag foot in your machine, and then you can put your needle into the machine. Remember to press the needle up as far as it will go and then tighten the screw that holds your needle in place.

My machine was already threaded, so I'm going to leave everything exactly the way it is, and I'm going to take the thread that is in the hook on the left, and I'm going to thread it through the eye of the left needle. So I'm just going to pull and then I'm going to tuck it underneath the presser foot.

Now for the second thread, you're going to take a second spool and put it on the second spindle on your machine. For this spool, you want your thread, if you notice here on the first one, we have our thread coming off the back and it's kind of going counter-clockwise. We want the second spool to be the opposite. So we're going to put that on, but the thread is going to come off on the front side of the machine.

Then we're going to thread everything just the same, except when we get to the bottom, you're going to put the thread through the little hook that's on the right of the needle, and then you're going to thread the needle that's on the right. Then tuck that thread underneath your presser foot. Then you can grab all three of your threads, both these top stitch and your bobbin thread and pull them all so that you can make sure that everything's moving smoothly.

Now I noticed when I did that, that when I threaded the needle on the right, it got twisted. The thread got twisted around the needle. So that was a good thing to see before I started sewing and all I will do is just clip the thread, take that piece out, and re-thread the eye of the needle. So now I have all my threads. I'm just going to pull, and everything is moving together.

Okay. Great. So now you're ready to sew. I'm just going to use this piece of fabric. I'm going to line it up with our five-eighths guide on our seam, on our throat plate on the seam guide, and I'm just going to sew a straight stitch on the stitch type. Then the link, I'm going to do a three.

Now we can see our double needle, or twin needle stitch. This is on the right side of the fabric. If you'll notice on the wrong side of the fabric, we have a zigzag, which allows for stretch. So the twin needle can be used for sewing knits, because it has some stretch, and it can also be used as purely a decorative finishing stitch.

So that's how you use a twin needle.

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