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How to Fix a Thread Jam in a Sewing Machine

Learn how to fix a thread jam in a sewing machine from designer Jennifer Wiese in this Howcast tutorial.


Hi. I'm Jennifer from Workroom Social, and today I am going to talk to you about thread jams. So, as a new sewer, when I was first learning to sew many years ago, I would always experience thread jams, meaning I would just have these big balls of thread that would get stuck in the bobbin casing and the needle wouldn't go, and the handle wouldn't turn and it's just a disaster.

So, as a new sewer, you might be wondering why is that happening. So, I'm here to tell you. A common problem that new sewers have is that they don't pull their thread tails long. So, these thread tails are quite long. But as a new sewer you might clip them all the way back here. And when you do that, you have just this little piece of the bobbin thread hanging, and just a little piece of the top thread out.

So, when you start to sew, the bobbin thread, a lot of times, can get sucked back down into the bobbin casing, causing a thread jam.

So, if that happens to you, here's what you should do. First of all, stop sewing. What you can do is lift your presser foot and kind of pull on the fabric a little bit. You can turn the hand wheel a little bit towards you if it's moving. If it's totally stuck, you just want to wiggle the fabric out enough to get in with some small scissors or thread clippers, and just clip the project out.

From there, you can just take some tweezers and you can pop your presser foot off and get that out of the way. And just pull all of the thread out from this hole to get all the threads out. Then, if it's really bad, you can just take your casing off and open up your bobbin area, take the bobbin out, and use your tweezers to pull all the threads out from the bottom as well. And so, that's how you fix a thread jam.

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