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Modeling Salary Ranges

Learn about the range of salaries that models earn, depending on the type of modeling they do, from model scout Trudi Tapscott in this Howcast video.


Hi. My name's Trudi Tapscott. The first question, I think, or even the silent question that people have in their mind is, "How much money can I make?"

Which is a good question, actually, in reality, because you're concerned about it as a business. So, that's always one of the questions I like to answer. However, there is no direct answer. For catalog you could make, in a smaller market you're going to make less, in a New York market you're going to make more.

Depending on what level you're at in your career is going to depend. So, you could make anywhere from $1,000 per day to $25,000 a day. If it's part of a campaign, you could make more than that. So, depending on the client, the usage, for how long they're going to use it, those are all negotiation things that are important.

A model in New York City that's been at it for quite a while, like maybe, let's say, seven to ten years, is going to be making way more than $100,000 a year. Usually, a half-million a year is a target. But all of that is relative. And that's not going to happen in your first year. You're making an investment.

Or, the opposite: you get really lucky. You really hit at the right time. You're in a market where people want to pay you a lot more. It can get crazy money really quick. It can be a slow climb or a fast hill. For me, in watching a lot of models reach high success, I think that it's better for it to be a slow climb.

Once you get to the top, the goal is staying at the top. You have to be able to continue being at a level to generate the income that you've already become accustomed to. If you got lucky early then you're going to think that it was no sweat, like that's just how it happens. And that's not always how it happens.

It's different for everybody. There are girls that make money right away, very fast, and don't get any editorial or image. There are girls that do editorial and image work for a long time before the money kicks in. So, good agent. That's the answer to that question.

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